Ola again! Meet Baba G 2.0

Dear Jozi,

We've been lovers now for almost two years so it's time we spice things up and fan the flames of romance. In the immortal words of The Kinks, we "want to be with you, all of the time, all day, and all of the night." Think of us as your #tinderforfood making your foodie fantasies happen in your office and at home. 



  1. Order Online: directly with us for all NEXT DAY ORDERS. These prices are the same as our store prices and we'll even offer FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 10KM.
  2. Catering: If you want even more 'zing' we'll bring our mini-rotisserie on site, make the breads there and then for your guests to drool over and lay out a salad spread to end all spreads (and dips ;)
  3. Old Faves: We're still on Uber Eats and MR. D for those times when you forget to plan ahead. Same day delivery prices are defs a little higher though, but that's all on Uber and Mr D - the proof is in our next day delivery prices peeps.


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